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Link Wealth Management - Our Company Story

Link Wealth Management is an independent boutique financial service firm. We guide Clients through a systematic personal and financial discovery process to understand their values and motivations. The knowledge we gain allows us to develop and recommend an implementation plan designed specifically for each Client to help pursue their financial goals. Understanding Client’s values and purpose is critical for us to assist in securing their personal objectives. Our partnership with Clients leads to shared responsibilities to move them to where they want to go. We recommend, implement, monitor and adjust our activities to remain aligned to Client goals. Clients execute the recommendations for investing, saving and spending necessary to obtain their desired personal outcome.

My interest in this industry began almost immediately after college, as a new Lieutenant in the Air Force. A representative from a large national investment company approached me to join their program. I was excited and completely intrigued by the concept of investing, but after in-depth consideration, I could not connect how their institution’s program would get me where I wanted to go. I concluded they were not a good match for me, however I gained a conviction the industry was definitely where I wanted to be. I was confident I could engage clients in more collaborative fashions and offer a more personal approach to financial services. The personal application of my life-long education for designing plans and understanding financial markets allowed me to achieve my own goals. Along the way, I further enhanced my aptitude for financial planning and understanding financial markets. I continue to apply my analytical skills towards financial planning and fulfill my passion for investing by serving Clients through Link Wealth Management. The Firm’s clientele benefit from Link Wealth Management’s values and experienced financial advisor who can help them pursue their financial dreams.